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Promoting the kind in humankind.

PEPSTAR is a non-profit that supports filmmakers, artists, educators and peace builders who create uplifting content that inspires hearts and minds and promotes peace.
We offer fiscal sponsorship that enables these important projects to raise tax deductible donations AND retain 100 % ownership.
Whether you are a creator or a supporter, we invite you to join us as we educate, elevate and entertain for the greater good.

how it works

We believe it is in the best interests of humankind to help peace artists succeed, because every time their important voice is heard, they will be inspiring the next generation.

To assist them, we have created a straightforward, three-step program. On this rewarding journey, artists will receive guidance on creative execution, emotional impact, viral potential and social activism.


Up-and-coming filmmaker, artist, educator or organization completes a fiscal sponsorship application outlining their vision for their peace entertainment project.  For a limited time, we are waiving our application fee.


The PEPSTAR Board reviews and votes on the application.


Upon approval to our program, the applicant can now become an official member for 25 dollars a month and immediately begin soliciting tax deductible donations and grants without having to create their own 501(c)(3) organization. All donations towards peace entertainment projects are processed by PEPSTAR, which will provide tax receipts to the donors. Upon completion, the PEPSTAR member retains 100 percent ownership of their project. In addition, their work will be honored and promoted on the PEPSTAR platform as part of our mission to educate and elevate as we entertain for the greater good. When you make it big here, you make the world a better place.

For more information: [email protected].

Peace Entertainment


Winner of 26 International Awards and starring Academy Award Nominee® James Cromwell

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary viewing of PEPSTAR Founder John Viscount’s 20-minute short film, Admissions. This uplifting tale about the power of forgiveness represents an example of peace entertainment that has impacted hearts and minds all around the world. It also inspired the creation of PEPSTAR.

The film stars Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell and has won 26 international awards, been translated into German, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, & Italian and broadcast to 80 million people worldwide

Admissions also helped launch PeaceNow.com, which is gathering one billion signatures for a UN Global Resolution that establishes peace departments in governments worldwide.

Film Trailer available at: http://www.admissionsfilm.com/trailer.php

For more information: [email protected]

about pepstar

A Life Changing Opportunity

Now more than ever, people are searching for ways to find purpose in their lives. They are becoming more involved with solving community and global challenges and are embracing and getting behind fresh ideas and approaches.

PEPSTAR connects passionately engaged individuals and organizations with inspired artists and creators so they can join forces in a life changing experience which helps an important peace entertainment project get funded.

To us, everybody is a potential PEPSTAR who can help promote the kind in humankind, whether their contribution comes as a supporter or as an artist.

board of directors

John Viscount
Founder & CEO
Board of Directors – President
Author – Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity.

Trish Reilly
Board of Directors – Secretary

Gavin Behrman
Board of Directors
Film Producer

Adam Holiber
Board of Directors –  Treasurer
Technology Reserve

Debra Schiff
Board of Directors
President & CEO – J Street Group, LLC
Event Planning & Production


Transformational entertainment projects which challenge and uplift humankind are more difficult to fund than traditional, commercial projects.

This has slowed human progress.

Your kind, tax deductible donation to PEPSTAR enables us to offer up and coming filmmakers,  artists, educators and peace builders an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Because of your generosity, a new generation of important voices can be heard.

To donate to a specific project, please explore our PROJECTS on the navigation bar.

For more information: [email protected]