fiscal sponsorship

When you become fiscally sponsored at PEPSTAR, this enables you to raise tax deductible donations and apply for grants under our 501(c)(3) non-profit status. We did the hard work of establishing a non-profit so you don’t have to and can instead focus on your creativity and the positive impact you want to have on our world.

To apply for PEPSTAR fiscal sponsorship, there is a $50.00 submission fee. However, for a limited time, we are waiving this fee. Once you are approved, you can then become a PEPSTAR member.  This will gain you access to mentoring in the areas of creative execution, emotional impact, viral potential and social activism. Membership is $25.00 dollars a month.

Accepted projects will have their fundraising platform featured on our website as they begin their inspiring journey to becoming polished peace artists with well-executed finished projects to share with the world. 

Our ultimate goal is to offer a growing treasure of meaningful content that elevates and educates as it entertains for the greater good. When you make it big here, you make the world a better place.