The Little Apple Tree animated short film about relationships


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A profound allegory and animated short film that guides you to a deeper understanding of love, relationships, and the power of honoring your true Divine Self and the Divinity in others.

We invite you to join our team and make a tax-deductible donation to this film so we can get it out into the world where it can impact hearts and minds.

In 2018 Nia Peeples set out on a 3 week Radical Heart Road Trip, driving across 10 states to workshop her empowering book, The Little Apple Tree, with junior high and high school students and their parents, as well as with selected 5th graders. The impact was profound.

Since those workshops, The Little Apple Tree has been adopted in several classrooms and schools by teachers inspired to write a new curriculum around it, perform it in school plays, and use it as a source for reading buddies with kindergartners. It's also now mandatory reading at the high school level in Bogota Colombia. Since joyfully infusing the energy and message of this profound little book into these schools, here are some of the results:

  1. 68% improved reading scores- some jumping 2-3 grade levels
  2. 86% improved math scores
  3. The principal now closes each intercom announcement with “In case no one has told you today, you are loved.”
  4. Teachers are implementing a 1-minute meditation between subjects.
  5. Substantial increase in compassionate action between students, their teachers, and their parents.

Receiving the Magic

An award-winning animation team in Italy came across The Little Apple Tree randomly on their own and asked to create an empowering short film from the heart based on book. It is for this inspired project that we are raising these funds.



red clay animation sculpture



Gisele-30’s- conceptual underwater photographer- mother of 15 month old

“Every night before bed time, my husband and I lay out 3 or 4 books for my son to choose from. And every night he picks The Little Apple Tree. He just loves it. And when we read it, we start to cry every time we get to the part where the farmer is cutting the branches of the little tree. It’s really powerful. Thank you!”

Lindsey-42-Plano Texas-Special Education teacher, mother of teen girls

“This could be a gift from the principal to the teachers. It applies to so many things. It needs to be put into the schools. This would cause so much conversation.”

Kelli-50’s- Journalist- Mother to adult children.

Oh Nia! The story is just beautiful...I started to cry. It made me think about my adult son...I’d never thought of him like an apple tree that I’d been trying to prune into being my own vision of him. Now... he has broken free. I guess rather than being hurt, I can be proud of him for being who he was meant to be, and proud of myself for raising him to have the maturity to do that. That’s the really neat thing each person experiencing it will see it through their own lens. You’ve done a really beautiful thing. I hope you will share it with the world!”

Gael- 40’s Malibu, CA- mother of two children ages 3 and 8

Thank you for your beautiful book! Dino asks me to read it every morning when he wakes up, before his nap and before he goes to bed at night!”

Kelli- 45- Albuquerque, 5th grade teacher and mother of 2 teens

“Coming out of an abusive relationship I gained a staggering amount of weight as a way to cope. Reading your book and having such rich conversation about The Little Apple tree I now see how I wasn’t being who I am supposed to be. I’m back on track to becoming my truest and healthiest self. Thank you!”


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    Project FAQ

    1. What inspired you  to  create  this  project? 

    When a friend of mine shared the book with his friends who are award winning animators in Italy, they were so moved and inspired by it that they asked if they could create a short animated film on it as a project of the heart. I am a big believer in following lines of energy that are naturally occurring so I flew to Genoa and met with them. Their hearts are pure and their talent magnificent. And so we proceed as we can. We all believe the message is so powerful that we want to create a short animated film and submit it for all the awards to bring attention to this message and all the wonderful work of the book itself.

    2. How is your project empowering for the world?

    When people understand their own worthiness and value, they see it in others. When they believe in the importance of adding their unique light to the world, they believe a unique light exists in others. When they journey into the discovery of their true value, they have compassion for others, knowing that they too are being called to the same journey. The Little Apple Tree has a way of imparting this profound wisdom without teaching, without calling out right and wrong, or “you against me” or “us against the system.” It is all human beings on the path to wholeness as individuals and as a collective. The story of how it has impacted teachers and students in our pilot school is incredibly inspiring. (See project links)

    3. What is the message of the project?

    There is a calling deep within each of us that is inviting us to our most magnificent and fulfilled selves. It’s the truth of who we are. It’s how we add our unique and important light to the world. As we find the courage to honor that call, we light the way for others.

    4. Is there a social activism component?

    Social activism is inherent in the message itself, AND yes, the goal of this aspect of the project is to amplify the message in a fun and easily digestible manner, and to inspire people with the message through this medium that is so easily shared. Creating an animated film would bring both children and adults to the table and could bring great awareness to the movement that is already being created by the application of the book in schools.