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Introducing PEPSTAR™, the exciting, new content platform from the Peace Entertainment Project, Inc.
PEPSTAR supports up and coming filmmakers and artists who use their creativity to inspire hearts and minds, address life’s challenges, tackle difficult subjects and promote the worldwide culture of peace by providing them fiscal sponsorship, creative mentorship and a global media platform.
The work of these artists will become accessible across a variety of platforms, so individuals, groups, communities and schools can use them for finding solutions, improving lives and successfully navigating our demanding modern times.
When you make it BIG here, you make the world a better place.™

peace entertainment example

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary viewing of PEPSTAR Founder John Viscount’s 20-minute short film, Admissions. This uplifting tale about the power of forgiveness was the catalyst for PEPSTAR and represents an example of peace entertainment that has successfully opened hearts and minds all around the world.

The film stars Academy Award nominee James Cromwell and has won 26 international awards, been translated into Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, & Italian and broadcast to 80 million people worldwide

Admissions also helped launch, which is gathering one billion signatures for a UN Global Resolution that establishes peace departments in governments worldwide.

Film Trailer available at:

about pepstar


A talented pool of people exists that wants to help humanity by focusing their work on subject matter and issues that have profound meaning and consequences in our world.

Unfortunately, funding and producing these kinds of projects and then getting them seen and heard is extremely challenging.

PEPSTAR will provide a peace entertainment accelerator where deserving projects get the comprehensive support they need and are shared with the growing audience across our planet that is hungry for content that elevates while it entertains.

PEPSTAR Target Market & Opportunity

Now more than ever, people are looking for help with personal, community, and global challenges, and are searching for fresh perspectives and approaches.

They are also looking for ways to make an impact and find purpose in their daily lives.

Millennials are now the biggest generation and marketing studies show that ages 18-35+ are leading this positive movement towards cause engagement and social activism.

We are also witnessing an expansion of the peace economy where consumers are increasingly making decisions based on the social impact of their purchases and are drawn to businesses and organizations that give back.

Our platform connects the growing segment of the population that is seeking more out of life, and feels empowered by doing good, and introduces them to peace artists, so they can join forces in support of a better world and humanity’s collective evolution.

how it works

We believe it is in the best interests of humankind to help peace artists succeed because every time their important voice is heard, they will be inspiring the next generation. To assist them, we have a created a straightforward, three-step program. On this rewarding journey, artists will receive guidance on creative execution, emotional impact, viral potential and social activism.


Up and coming filmmaker, artist or organization joins PEPSTAR and completes a fiscal sponsorship application outlining their vision for their peace entertainment project. The PEPSTAR Board then reviews and votes on the application.


Upon approval,  the project begins fundraising for donations under our 501(c)(3) status. All donations towards fiscally sponsored projects are directed to and processed by PEPSTAR. Because PEPSTAR is a 501(c)( 3) public charity, these donations are tax-deductible and PEPSTAR will provide tax receipts to the donors of your project. With our fiscal sponsorship program, you can immediately solicit tax deductible donations without having to go through the time and effort to create your own 501(c)(3) public charity. We’ve taken care of that hard work so you can focus on your higher purpose.


Upon completion, the peace entertainment project is promoted on the PEPSTAR platform to a global audience and the journey to PEPSTARDOM begins.

pepstar artist support

PEPSTAR Founder John Viscount, the creator of the award-winning film for peace, Admissions, has also written dramatic film scripts that address cyber-bullying, human trafficking, opioid addiction, homelessness, PTSD, cancer, divorce, teen suicide, the global water crisis, universal free health care, the loss of a loved one, the International Day of Peace, the importance of handwashing to stem the spread of disease and the plight of the starving street children of La Paz, Bolivia.

He understands firsthand the challenge in funding these kinds of projects and getting one’s voice heard amidst the communications clutter of the modern world. To level the playing field, PEPSTAR was established as a creative haven for aspiring peace artists seeking fiscal sponsorship.

These creative folks come from all walks of life and every artistic endeavor and our goal is to give them a helping hand up, while providing them with a well-deserved opportunity to succeed on a bigger stage.

PEPSTAR Projects will include but not be limited to films, peace branding, education platforms, music, plays, new technologies, and hybrid forms of media and positive expression.


board of directors

John Viscount
Founder & CEO
Author – Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity.

Trish Reilly

Gavin Behrman
Film Producer

Adam Holiber
Technology Reserve

Debra Schiff
President & CEO – J Street Group, LLC
Event Planning & Production

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Transformational entertainment projects which uplift humankind are more difficult to fund than traditional projects.

This has slowed human progress.

To address this, our platform was created to be a meeting place where creators of life-changing content and supporters of this kind of work can collaborate.

Your contribution enables deserving up and coming artists to have a chance to make a major positive impact.

Because of your generosity, a new generation of important voices can now be heard.